Spring is upon us. Flowers are blooming. Outside courts are buzzing with players once again.. but with spring comes spring showers.

What does that mean for ballers? What happens when our regular outside court is rendered useless because of the wrath of mother nature? The answer to all committed basketball players is to find an inside court. But where does one find an open inside court to play in?

Thankfully we can turn to Ballertag to help us find open indoor courts with people ready and willing to play. There is no need to waste time searching online or asking friends when you can turn to Ballertag. Your local indoor courts that have been tagged, will be displayed. Included are the addresses, and court names. Simultaneously you can check in real-time, how many players are at the court or, take matters into your own hands and invite your Ballertag friends to join you for a quick pickup game indoors.