About Us

Ballertag is a pickup basketball mobile application hosted on both Android and iPhone devices. Pickup basketball has always been about who may randomly arrive at the court. Now that technology is so advanced, we should be able to know who’s there or how many are there before we go so we don’t waste time  :

What makes Ballertag so special is that while we bring all types of basketball players together but we make it easy for the casual players who play the game for cardio. While bringing people together we also have an opportunity to build and support communities across the world from the IMPACT basketball already has in our society.

…so why the mission to re-build courts?

The focus was very clear when our Founder, Nelson Stryker began in his journey in social work in 2013. Just one year later Ballertag was coined and the story of evolving pickup basketball began with a clear goal to give back to communities who need the support.

To join our movement please visit the the donate page and help us repair a damaged court in your city!